Pension Corporation

Research Papers

Research Who will pay Inter-generational transfers and public sector pensions 2010

Research Back to the drawing board: The economic crisis and its implications for pension provision in the United Kingdom 2009

Research Public sector pensions Rationale and international experiences 2009

Research Longevity: Trends, uncertainty and the implications for pension systems 2009

Research Evaluating public and private sector pensions: The importance of sectoral pay differentials 2009

Research Pensions A Complex Landscape 2008


Briefing note Debt and pension liabilities in national accounts 2010

Briefing note Tax relief on pension contributions 2010

Briefing note Back to the drawing board An update 2009


Commentary Pensions A very complex issue October 2010

Commentary Measured approach to public sector pension reforms October 2010

Commentary As safe as houses October 2010

Commentary Pensioners have done well October 2010

Commentary Total financial reward September 20010

Commentary on German politics and state pension age August 2010

Commentary 100 days of coalition government August 2010

Commentary on Kiwi saver August 2010

Commentary on default retirement age August 2010

Commentary Long-term care and public sector pensions July 2010

Commentary Towards a more transparent government balance sheet July 2010

Commentary EU COM Green Paper on Pensions July 2010

Commentary Raising the state pension age June 2010

Commentary Public sector employment trends June 2010

Commentary Coming out of the recession, can British businesses still afford NEST June 2010

Commentary Are senior civil servants paid too much June 2010

Commentary Coalition agreement on pensions May 2010

Commentary Fiscal consolidation and ageing populations April 2010

Commentary What does preparing for old age have to do with the global economic crisis February 2010

Commentary Updated actuarial assumptions PPF 7800 January 2010

Commentary 2009 Pre-Budget Report December 2009